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What Ever Happened to Dig?

DigAnyone who watched MTV in the early 90s will undoubtedly remember Buzz Clips. These videos were often in heavy rotation on the channel and largely consisted of new and noteworthy alternative rock acts. Buzz Clips caught the eye of many young high schoolers, myself included, who were eager to get a guitar, save up for a fuzz box, and make mom move the LeSabre from the garage so the guys could come over and “practice”.

One band that made its way into the Buzz Bin, was Southern California’s Dig. Formed by Scott Hackwith and guitarist Dix Denney, the band recorded their self-titled debut album in 1993. It spawned one hit single “Believe” which landed them a place in Buzz clip history and even earned the group appearances on MTV’s The John Stewart Show and NBC’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

Strangely enough, if you try to find any of the band’s albums for sale digitally, or even attempt to stream their albums from your streaming service of choice, you’ll notice there isn’t much available. The band was somehow lost in the shuffle after the alternative rock boom of the early 90s took the dirt nap. In order to get a copy of the debut album today you have to find a used one online, or stumble into a used record store in real life and hope you get lucky. I’ll be honest, that last part sounds kind of fun. Still though, it’s sad that the band’s music isn’t widely available. That’s what the Internet is supposed to be good for, right? I swear, Internet, the one time I go lookin’ and you let me down.

I know what you’re probably thinking. “Well, most of that 90s rock was crap. All the bands sounded the same. And that Dig record, the one with the video on MTV, probably wasn’t that great to begin with. I mean, you only mentioned that one song.”

But that’s just it, the album Dig released via Radioactive in 1993 was actually pretty good. Solid even. I struggle to think of a throwaway track. Now, I should mention you do need to calibrate your expectations a bit when listening. Dial it in for “distorted-stoner-SoCal-rock-circa-1990” and you’ll be fine. We’re not talking Pet Sounds or anything here folks.

Anyway I think someone has posted the self-titled album on YouTube, but that’s about it for its digital availability. Check it out if you can, or like the good old days, hunt it down in the wild. At the very least it’ll build character.

6 thoughts on “What Ever Happened to Dig?

  1. I’m unable to leave a comment on any of your “dark wave” posts so I’ll comment here. “Pornography” is a work of art. By far my favorite Cure album. I can only handle it when I’m in a good mood, though. Cushions the emotional blow. It’s literally an aural manifestation of gloom and negativity. When I’m listening to it, I feel like I can reach out and trace my finger through the thick haze of sorrow it generates, like the exhaust from an old truck on a cold winter’s day, and write my name in it.
    As far as this topic I’m replying to goes, I miss “buzz bin” vids and 120 minutes and headbanger’s ball, all the location shooting MTV used to do, all the fun stuff with artists…poor kids don’t even know…


    1. 120 minutes was a favorite of mine too. Miss those days. Thanks for checking out the dark wave posts. I just fixed the comments. Thanks for catching that. I’m new to this stuff!


  2. DIG! Nearly impossible to find. Right up there with “Spiderland” by Slint, until that got an overpriced re-release. Buzz clips were great. That era of music, along with Liquid Television, defined an era for that station.


      1. Same with MTV’s Oddities. The Head and The Maxx. For all the talk of this new “golden age of television”, you don’t really get a lot of weird subversive stuff like 1990’s MTV.


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