Sentimental Drift’s Top 3 MST3K Creature Features

Just getting started with the classic television show, Mystery Science Theater 3000? Perhaps you were recently exposed to MST3K while browsing Netflix and wish to dig deeper into the original iteration of the program? Or maybe you’re already a bit of a fan and wish to unearth some fun episodes you can share with a friend? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, have I got a list for you!

Below you will find my list of the top three campy, silly, creature movies that aired during the original run of MST3K on the Sci Fi Channel. Being a fan of the creature genre, and honestly anything schlocky from the 80s and 90s, I can say with authority that these flicks are worth your time and attention. I avoided the Comedy Central era when making these selections even though I discovered MST3K during its third season, and my love for the early years runs deep. In my opinion, the cast really dialed in the riffing during the latter years. I think these picks from seasons 9 and 10 might make for a better viewing experience for those unfamiliar with the show’s premise.

These episodes are available online from various sources like Amazon, eBay, Netflix, and maybe even YouTube. So kick back, crack a cold one, and kill your next Saturday afternoon in style with Mike and the bots!

The Top 3 MST3K Creature Features

  1. Episode 904: Werewolf – In this 1996 direct-to-video release, a group of archaeologists uncover what appears to be the skeleton of a werewolf. One worker is scratched by the skeleton and begins his transformation into the “yetiglanchi”, some sort of shape shifting Navajo being often taking on the form of an animal. Highlights include: the casting of Joe Estevez, Mike transforming into a “werecrow”, and the acting prowess of Adrianna Miles.
  2. Episode 907: Hobgoblins – In this raunchy take on Gremlins, furry little, troll-like monsters run amok at a movie studio. It’s up to security guard Kevin and his friends to stop them. This film, directed by Rick Sloane, has developed a bit of a cult following since appearing on the show. I would recommend owning an unMiSTied version. It’s that much fun. Highlights include: rake fighting, premarital sex, and disgusting dive bars.
  3. Episode 1006: Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues – In this sequel to the 1972 film, The Legend of Boggy Creek, a college professor and a group of his prized students travel deep into the Ozark Mountains to capture evidence of the Boggy Creek creature. Directed by, and starring, long time indie filmmaker Charles B. Pierce, this film is one I can watch over and over without it growing stale. Highlights include: Old Man Crenshaw, the little creature, and Tim.

Feel free to share your favorite creature episodes from MST3K in the comments. For example, I know Pod People could have easily made this list as a representative from the Joel years. I’d love to hear from you!

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