Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES 1989)

Note: If anyone has actually defeated this game without a Game Genie and can prove it to me in some way… please do so. I need this.

Konami (under it’s Ultra imprint) released the first Nintendo game ever to feature the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the summer of ‘89 just as the “heroes in a half shell” were beginning their climb to the top of wish lists everywhere. I remember getting this one for my 9th birthday. I also remember never getting past the third level. I’m not bitter though.

The Game

The first objective is to save April O’Neil from the hands of Shredder. You must complete this task without being captured by the foot clan. However, as you head out on your journey, you quickly save April and discover your real mission is to save Master Splinter. Or if you’re like me, you turn off the system after you’ve liberated the reporter and pretend you’ve beaten the game. It will only get exponentially more difficult from here.

Moving on, the turtles visit the nearest dam and you quickly realize this game hates you. Of course I am speaking of the underwater bomb sequence that has caused me to develop a spontaneous, nagging twitch. After defusing these bombs you move on to the “party wagon level” and begin to have a small amount of “fun”. This “fun” only lasts a few minutes unfortunately, because not since ancient Greece has the world seen such a winding labyrinth. *Sigh* I would love to tell you more about this level, but thinking about it makes my face hurt.

Honestly, I don’t remember what comes next in this gem of a game, but I did eventually beat it with a Game Genie… I think… please say that wasn’t a dream. Oh well, I’m pretty sure the ending has something to do with pizza. In summary, play the sequels. They will make you live longer, and you can even play them with a friend.

Fun Links

Nintendo Power (May/June 1989) – Feature Article on TMNT for the NES

2 thoughts on “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES 1989)

  1. That game is cruelly hard. Beyond acceptable levels. I think the programmers got a sadistic thrill out of making it SO hard, lol. “This’ll get those little SHITS.”


    1. I owned this one, so I had time to work at it. I feel for the poor kids who rented it though, got home and played it for ten minutes, and realized the weekend was going to SUCK. Wasted rental! Haha


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